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Zippy or Sarah louis vuitton


Beautiful pieces! I love the messenger bag! Ive actually looked at them myself but couldnt decide which to get. I have three kids and would like something without vachetta and is handsfree as well. louis vuitton luggage


That looks beautiful on you!! Congrats! lv bag

,Congrats & Happy Belated Birthday~!! louis vuitton,

I usually zip my speedy. louis vuitton

,Palermo. Though it doesn't work that good as a crossbody (too high up), its better that it is handsfree and you need that when you have an active toddler louis vuitton luggage,

I need an agenda so bad, I love the vernis agendas but the pm is too small for me. I wish LV would just make them in the mm size. Anyone else agree? louis vuitton purse


I had the Stressa, but soon got rid of it because of the flap. It was a pain in the **s. If it weren't for that, I loved it in every other way. I also have seen the Trevi. It is a gorgeous bag. I had it too, but the pm was too small and the gm was way too heavy. hth tablets tablets